We host monthly events to support a worthy cause. Joining us is easy. All are welcome.


We’ve currently paused our events. If you are interested in hosting an event for your organization, please email us at


While we started out with just a Peloton ride, we now enable people who love any type of activity to participate. Each month, we host an event with two parts. First, there is a two-week Activity Challenge via our friends at Kilter app. And at the end of the two weeks, we also host a live Peloton ride and Zoom event. You don’t have to have a Peloton to join either part and you can choose to participate in one or both parts.


To register for an event:

  1. Head to the event landing page
  2. Sign In or Sign Up for Kilter (you only need first name, last name, email and password)
  3. Register for the event by choosing your registration option and completing payment (amount varies by event but is typically $20-70)
  4. Download or Open the Kilter app on Apple or Android
  5. Sign In and you’ll see the Ride & Raise event under My Events


In order to participate in the Activity Challenge portion of our event, you’ll need to get the Kilter app (see #4 above). You don’t have to participate in the Activity Challenge to join us for the live Peloton ride and Zoom event.

The Activity Challenge portion of our events typically runs for two weeks. There is a prize for the Top Point Earner(s) and often the Top Fundraiser(s).

How it works:

  • In this event, earn 100 points per day by completing one of the following:
    • 30+ Active Minutes
    • Walk/Run 2+ Miles
    • Bicycle 5+ Miles
    • 5K+ Steps
    • Swim 500+ Meters
    • 30+ Min Manual Entry
    • For a full list of activities, see the Kilter app.
  • To earn extra points during the challenge:
    • Work out 5 days in a row for a Streak Bonus of 100 points
    • On Wednesdays, put in Extra Miles for 25 Bonus points
      • Walk/Run 3+ Miles
      • Bicycle 7.5+ Miles
      • 60+ Active Minutes
      • 7.5K+ Steps
      • Swim 750+ Meters

Kilter App connects with Strava, Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, Garmin, and Under Armor to automatically track activity. Or, you can manually enter your activities.

You can also Get Donations from friends or make additional donations in the Kilter app to help us reach our fundraising goal.


The best part of our monthly events is when we come together and get a chance to “see” each other and hear from our charity partner. On the last day of the Activity Challenge, we choose a live Peloton ride to do together. Peloton posts their schedule two weeks in advance, so we will typically announce the live ride on the first day of our Activity Challenge.

Peloton aside, we also host a Zoom event that starts ~15 minutes before the live ride. This gives us a chance to say hello to everyone and hear from our charity partner for extra motivation.

Is it weird to be on Zoom and work out? Yes. But is it fun? Also yes. Video is completely optional! When the ride starts, we mute and ride while we can still see each other (but ideally not hear each other breathing 😂). Feel free to put your leaderboard name as your Zoom name and be sure you have the #RideandRaise tag on your Peloton profile. Click here to add.

If you don’t have a Peloton bike, you can join and drop when the ride starts, or you can do another activity during the ride. All event details are provided to registered participants via a calendar invite.

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